ASICS America Corporation reported that sales for the first half of 2004 were $111.1 million, an increase of 9.5% over 2003. The company continues its focus on running, the largest segment of the athletic footwear industry, showing footwear sales increasing slightly over 11.2%, year-to-date. In addition, ASICS has surged to the third position within the running footwear category with an 11.3% market share according to SportScanINFO, July 11, 2004.

The top selling shoe for ASICS through the first half has been the GT-2090™, with sales numbers over 50% higher than in 2003. During second quarter, the GT-2090™ became the top selling shoe, based on sales volume, in ASICS America's history.

“To add to the excitement of the first half of the year, total incoming footwear orders are up over 36%, making the second half of the year look very promising,” declared Jim Hoff, VP of Sales ASICS America Corporation.

In other company news, Sports Marketing Surveys USA recently completed their Running Specialty Retail Store Sales Survey for Spring 2004, reporting that ASICS was ranked “Number One Overall.” This survey is compiled from panelists who rate footwear brands on a variety of company and product performance attributes. The categories among which ASICS ranked number one are credibility with serious runners, performance technology and current consumer interest.

In addition, Runner's World® awarded the GEL-Trabuco® VII the “Best Buy” in their Fall 2004 trail shoe review, now available on newsstands (August 2004). “I've never worn a better shoe for overall support and stability,” raves one wear tester in the article.

Finally, ASICS Corporation based in Kobe, Japan, a $1.3 billion dollar company worldwide made recent news when Bloomberg reported that ASICS was the “Best Performing Footwear Company Worldwide” after stock prices increased 63%, a strong indication that ASICS worldwide sales increases were out-performing the competition.

ASICS America Corporation President, Rich Bourne, replies to the good news, “Overall, the ASICS brand name is very strong among consumers with indications that it's only going to get more powerful.”