Snarkitecture* collaborates once again with Kith on a unique 3500-square-foot retail experience on Sunset Boulevard.

Snarkitecture has co-designed all seven Kith retail stores.
The newest Kith location in L.A. on Sunset Boulevard features a carved-out design,
giving the effect that the store is breaking through a parking garage.

Plants grow in gaps between walls and Kith’s neon logo is displayed beside glass doors.
Nine parking bays were taken over with murals by a roster of artists.

When you enter the store, you walk under a canopy of 200 Air Jordan shoes
and pass by a bar serving cereal.

Go up one flight of stairs to the main shopping area and you are greeted by a well-organized, dimly-lit floor space centered around a large, glowing display.

Kith’s elite footwear display is located in a room within a room,
with walls made from glass fins. A pale herringbone patterned floor and large light box cover the ceiling.

To create a completely unique ambiance,
the room is lit differently than the rooms in the rest of the retail space.

Clothes are hung juxtaposed against concrete walls, with floor-to-ceiling mirrors, sculptures and rare works of art.

*Snarkitecture, a New-York-based collaborative design practice, focuses on the reinterpretation of everyday materials and structures. With a conceptual design approach centered on the importance of the experience, the design firm creates unexpected and memorable spaces to invite people to explore and engage with their surroundings.

Pictured from left to right: Alex Mustonen, Snarkitecture partner and co-founder; Daniel Arasham, Snarkitecture partner and co-founder and Ben Porto, Snarkitecture partner