Unifi, Inc. has agreed to sell Repreve chips to South Carolina-based Palmetto Synthetics, LLC for conversion into Repreve branded staple fiber to provide textile firms with another U.S. source for the fiber.

The arrangement will provide the textile industry with another option for acquiring NAFTA and Berry Amendment compliant Repreve staple fiber, which is used by many performance apparel brands.Repreve staple fiber is suitable in a wide range of applications, including apparel, military, denim, upholstery, industrial, medical, automotive and nonwoven products.

“We have a shared vision with Unifi to provide the textile industry with high quality, innovative products, which led us to this supply relationship,” said David Poston, vice president of Palmetto Synthetics. “We have seen a big shift in inquiries for a domestically made recycled fiber, and this initiative with Unifi allows us to amplify our domestic efforts.”

The products produced out of the Repreve Recycled Center are third party certified for recycled content claims through Scientific Certification Systems (SCS). Additionally, Unifi recently received the SCS Responsible Source certification; confirming that Repreve products are responsibly produced and in compliance with environmental and social regulations. Palmetto’s NatureSpun product will be replaced with Repreve and any existing NatureSpun adoptions will be converted over to Repreve.


“Since 2007, we have continued to grow our product offering, helping to make Repreve a leading brand of recycled fibers globally,” said Jay Hertwig, vice president, global branding at Unifi, Inc. “As we expand our Repreve polymer chip sales, we are now in a position to enter into new market segments and will provide the industry with a transparent recycled solution.”