The United Nations has recognized Outdoor Industry Association as among a handful of companies and associations moving the needle on global sustainability.

Late last month, leaders from United Nations member states officially adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The agenda is based on 17 goals (SDGs) meant to “accelerate transformative change needed to lead our world to a more sustainable future,” according to John Danilovich, secretary-general of the International Chamber of Commerce.

Among the global business associations recognized for their contributions to sustainable development-by sharing knowledge, know-how and best practices for integrating sustainability measures into company operations-was Outdoor Industry Association, whose work was noted as impacting and moving the needle on 10 of the 17 goals.

As part of the launch of the SDG’s, and of a broader effort from the UN to stress the importance of the private sector in achieving them, the UN has launched a new publication, titled “Scaling Up Sustainability Collaboration: Contributions of Business Associations and Sector Initiatives to Sustainable Development,” that features the work of OIA and the OIA Sustainability Working Group.

You can find more detail here  and the full report here if you’re interested.