GORE-TEX-Print-RAINPhotos courtesy of Shine United

Winter is nearly here. As a result, runners across the country are about to be cast indoors due to cold, wet and windy conditions that transform running from a joyful athletic escape into a miserable task. A new advertising campaign featuring Gore-Tex product technology aims to debunk the drudge of winter running and make it easy to get outside, whether through rain, mud or snow.

As an increasing amount of running manufacturers include Gore-Tex liners in their shoes, including Asics, Brooks and Saucony, more runners can “fight back against winter’s vindictive ways,” said Shine United, an interactive advertising agency from Madison, WI, that designed the new Gore-Tex campaign.

The agency believes that when a shoe is armed with Gore-Tex product technology, a runner’s feet are protected in an environment that is windproof, waterproof and breathable — meaning more miles outdoors and fewer miles on the “dreadmill.”

Shine’s campaign touts these benefits, and will span the use print, digital, pre-roll video, social media, website, and retailer advertising. The total campaign budget was reported as approximately $2 million.

SGB got an exclusive peak at the ads.





Go online to the newly designed Gore-Tex Running website for more technology specs, and follow the hashtag #owntherun to track the campaign’s social media activity.