TRX, the maker of functional training equipment and training content,  has launched an “Anybody, Anywhere” campaign with a message of fitness inclusivity.

TRX said, “For years, fitness brands and fitness trends have served up a narrow, highly aesthetic and largely unrealistic definition of what it means to be fit. This has been compounded by a modern fitness culture that is characterized by high-end or overly-aggressive and exclusive boutique fitness experiences or expensive home fitness equipment. The result has been a wide swath of mainstream consumers feeling unaddressed and left out in the cold.

“In stark contrast to all of this, TRX is setting out to remind the world that real fitness comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and ability levels, and that we are all ‘perfectly imperfect.’ Each of us has the power within us to find and unlock our own unique version of our best.”

TRX further said that “there remains a great deal of confusion and ambiguity amongst mainstream consumers” about suspension training, with many consumers believing the training is overly-complicated and reserved for elite athletes.

“In many ways, the fitness industry has done a disservice by significantly narrowing the playing field for getting fit and healthy, and we’re trying to remind everyone that fitness is personal and means something unique for each of us,” said Randy Hetrick, CEO  and founder of TRX. “Our mission is one of inclusivity – to be the one solution that truly everyone can find their own unique results. For most, it’s not about looking like a fitness model or an athlete, it’s about moving better, feeling better and, ultimately, living better.”

As part of the campaign, content will include training videos featuring prominent British plus-size model and body positivity activist Iskra Lawrence. To kick off the campaign, Lawrence will join Hetrick in New York City for an ‘Anybody, Anywhere’ rally cry workout and panel discussion, tackling a number of hot-button issues, including how the exclusive nature of today’s popular fitness trends, and the negative forces body shaming, ultimately contribute to widespread reduced levels of fitness.

“I’ve been a fan of TRX for several years and use the Suspension Trainer as part of my regular fitness routine, so when they came to me with the ‘ANYBODY, ANYWHERE’ concept, I jumped at the opportunity to help create an inclusive environment and build a stronger sense of community within the world of fitness,” said Lawrence. “I have first-hand experience of how exclusivity can negatively affect consumers and I want to be associated with and at the forefront of the positive change this campaign can bring to general consumers.”