TriggerPoint has expanded its foam roller line with the Channel, a specialty foam roller with a recessed center channel to protect and support the spine with even muscle compression. In the high and flat surface areas, the Channel roller evenly compresses muscles to target tight and overactive muscle groups, rehydrate tissue and improve mobility. The design alleviates back discomfort and massages hard to reach areas otherwise sensitive to foam rolling pressure.

The Channel’s hollow-core design is sweat-resistant and retains its shape after repeated use. As a Level 3 foam roller, it is engineered with specific functionality and built to be medium-firm for direct compression for total-body massage.

Offered in black, the Channel is 13-inches long and 5.9-inches in diameter and has a weight limit of 500 pounds. The Channel features TriggerPoint’s patented hollow core, designed to retain its shape after frequent use.

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Photo courtesy TriggerPoint