The Tennis Industry Association announced on Thursday that, due to lack of support from key manufacturers in the industry, the TIA EXPO scheduled to take place as part of the Super Show in January has been cancelled. TIA president Jim Baugh said there has been a feverish attempt to gain support for the TIA EXPO from all the major tennis manufacturers over the past few months.

“We were “ready to roll” and had many exciting initiatives planned that could have made this a great event,” said TIA President, Jim Baugh. “However, I am a realist. When manufacturers could not unite and commit to the EXPO, I knew this event would not achieve our goals. The TIA’s success has always come when our key organizations work together. As an association, it is important to identify the TIA with winning programs. While I am sad and disappointed, the TIA alone can not make an event. An event needs support from our industry to win.”

In moving forward, the TIA has developed a lot of great programs and member benefits and is giving them full time attention to insure their success. Baugh adds: “We have been developing some exciting initiatives and products. The industry will hear soon about new programs to grow the game as part of the Tennis Campaign.” While Tennis Welcome Centers will be a core initiative for many years to come, the TIA is expanding its focuses to include new programs for Frequent Player retention, and on a new form of tennis, Cardio Tennis, focused on Fitness.

“While I am personally disappointed with the decision on the EXPO, we must focus on the future. We are more focused than ever on accomplishing our mission “to promote and develop the economic vitality of tennis,” comments Baugh.