Thule is expanding its business-to-consumer e-commerce presence with a dealer-fulfilled sales program powered by Shopatron. With Shopatron, participating Thule authorized dealers have the option to ship orders from their store locations for orders placed by shoppers on the web store.

“With minimal impact to a dealer’s everyday business activities a dealer can grow their bottom line and reach a new customer base,” said Tripp Wyckoff, Thule Inc. VP Sales and Service. “Shopatron has taken care of all the front and back end infrastructure, and all dealers need to do is sign up, ship the product, and wait for the check.”

Once an online order is placed at, Shopatron instantly communicates with the nearest dealer able to fulfill the order. Dealers only need to ship the order, as Shopatron will handle all credit card transactions and will send payment to the dealer after the completion of the sale.

In addition to sales leads, the program provides extensive product sales trend information. This information is available to all participating dealers, with no obligation to ship orders, and can be manipulated to discern national and regional sales trends.

“Thule is a world-class company, and we are honored to be working with the Thule team,” said Ed Stevens, Shopatron’s CEO. “It’s especially exciting because Shopatron works so actively in the various markets in which Thule products are sold. Snowsports, Outdoor recreation, Bicycling, and Automotive aftermarket retailers and dealers can now increase their Thule sales without increasing overhead.”

All Thule dealers are eligible for the program. To sign up, dealers must complete a free application process. Dealer’s interested in participating can sign up at www.shopatron/signup.