Therm-a-Rest, a division of Cascade Design specializing in self-inflating mattresses for camping, has caught the trendy bug and partnered with the hipster outdoor brand Poler Stuff. Both Therm-a-Rest (Seattle-based) and Poler Stuff (Portland-grown) are Northwest favorites in the camping space, and have joined forces to bring comfortable yet cool camping essentials to your pack load.

pillow“We’re bringing a new sense of utility and fun to our complimentary customer bases.”

New products like the Zonkers Self-Inflating Mattress, Lair Air Mattress, Slacker Double Hammock and the Camp Head Compressible Pillow will be sold through Therm-a-Rest and Poler sites, as well as in stores ranging from core-outdoor like REI, and young style retailers like Urban Outfitters. And although some collab-items are available now, you’ll have to wait until February 2016 for the rest of the line.


Zonkers Self-Inflating Mattress

Zonker Self-Inflating Mattress, $99.95, will be released starting in February 2016. This is the self-inflating bad boy that started it all for Therm-a-Rest. Riffing on the classic mattress of yore, this is the straightforward workhorse of contemporary car camping comfort. A good addition to truck beds and basecamps.

Lair Air

Lair Air Mattress

Lair Air Mattress, $119.95, will also not be released until February. This mattress was designed for those trying to shrink their weekend kit to be backcountry friendly. This air mattress uses patent-pending WaveCore construction to bring warmth and comfort via its high-loft and internal cellular structure, in lieu of the added weight or bulk of down or synthetic fills. Aka, you’ll be carrying less while still sleeping better, despite rocky undergrounds.

Slacker Double Hammock, $89.95, is in stores now, and offers an above-the-ground chill at your campsite. Could also be set up in the back yard for those weekends you have to stay home, but still want to spend time hanging outdoors. Made with 100 percent ripstop polyester to add stretch and fast drying capabilities. The one-piece design holds up to 400 lbs, and the stuff sack doubles as a storage pocket.

Camp Head Compressible Pillow, $29.95, also available for this fall, is packed with urethane foam fill. Therm-a-Rest said, “what we do know is that most camp pillows are closer to cardboard than clouds.” So they did something about it and brought a big, thick, squishy and soft (yet packable) pillow to the new line.

Top Photo Courtesy of Poler Stuff