The North Face announced the Denver launch of PlanetExplore, a new online community that connects people to the outdoors in meaningful ways by serving as a hub for local outdoor activities and events.

“Denver is very special to The North Face,” says Steve Rendle, president of The North Face. “In many ways, Colorado leads the nation and sets an example of what embracing the outdoors is about. This is why we decided to make Denver a pilot city for PlanetExplore – to build on this excellent foundation.”

As part of PlanetExplore, The North Face has partnered with local Denver organizations that promote outdoor participation, such as Big City Mountaineers, whose aim is to enhance the lives of under-resourced urban teens through transformative outdoor experiences, and the Colorado Mountain Bike Association, dedicated to protecting and improving mountain biking on the Colorado Front Range, and many more.

“PlanetExplore is a virtual community board for outdoor exploration which will help create more opportunities for Denver children and adults to connect to outdoor activities in the area,” continues Rendle. “Our goal is that PlanetExplore will help develop the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts and conservationists, and few places are better to help start this movement than Colorado.”

According to a study by The Outdoor Foundation, 90% of adult participants in outdoor recreation were introduced to outdoor activities between the ages of 5 and 18.

PlanetExplore engages the community, with a focus on youth, by generating awareness and access to outdoor activities by providing information on events and the ability to connect with others in outdoor pursuits.

“It's important that children learn to connect with nature and the outdoors at an early age as a growing body of evidence indicates that children who participate in unstructured outdoor activities are healthier, happier, and better learners, and these assets can carry into adulthood,” says Richard Louv, chairman of the Children & Nature Network and the author of seven books, including his most recent Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit Disorder. “I'm confident that PlanetExplore will become a catalyst for children and their families to get outdoors and get moving for all the right reasons.”

The North Face has also partnered with national organizations such as National Audubon Society, Children & Nature Network, Sierra Club, Conservation Next and American Hiking Society.

PlanetExplore is a one-stop social networking site for people interested in hiking, biking, climbing, running and other activities. Individuals can search PlanetExplore for activities and events in their community that are offered by one of the many organizations The North Face has partnered with. Events are listed by region and activity, and individuals can access the information they need to maximize their outdoor experience.

Denver is the second official region where PlanetExplore is launching, California's Bay Area being the first. Following Denver, PlanetExplore will next launch in New York City.

“Denver is an ideal location for PlanetExplore,” concludes Rendle. “Since we have two very successful stores in Denver and Boulder and a significant number of strong, local specialty retailers who sell our products, we know all too well that this state is very conducive to getting people outdoors, and we look forward to building upon this area's momentum with PlanetExplore.”

PlanetExplore can be accessed by visiting