Teva, in an effort to reduce the company’s impact on the climate change, has offset the greenhouse gas emissions produced from it’s six vehicle fleet in 2006.

DrivingGreen supports greenhouse gas emission reduction projects managed by AgCert and offers GHG reductions (offsets) to individuals and companies that want to neutralize the impact their driving has on climate change. Through, Teva has retired sixty metric tons of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission.

“We felt that we should take responsibility for the greenhouse gases that we release into the atmosphere as a result of Teva vehicles,” said Jaime Eschette, Teva Spokesperson. “Ultimately, we hope our effort to battle global warming will encourage others to get involved and take action as well.”

“Teva Footwear is setting a great example for all individuals and companies to follow in offsetting the GHG emissions they are responsible for due to their vehicles.” said Dan Linsky, Director of DrivingGreen, “DrivingGreen is excited to partner with TEVA Footwear to provide a simple way for Teva to voluntarily make their fleet greenhouse gas neutral.”