The majority shareholder of the Spanish company IASA (owner of the brands ASTORE and TERNUA) has acquired Lorpen, a company based in Navarra, Spain.  Lorpen is dedicated to the design, manufacture and marketing of technical socks for outdoor activities. The company will continue its activity in Etxalar as a new entity called Lorpeland S.L.

Based on its combination of experience, IASA-Lorpeland will have three lines of business: Outdoors: with the brands Ternua and Lorpen, with technical textiles and complements for mountain sports; Sportswear: with the Astore brand, athletic fashion with a more local character; and Workwear: high performance garments for work environments.

This merger serves as a significant boost to IASA's current strategic plan which is based in strengthening its international expansion with technical outdoor apparel, and provides stability to the new company Lorpeland to finance its growth. It must be mentioned that Lorpen currently makes 70% of its sales outside Spain. With this new addition, the group will perform its business activity in more than 50 countries mainly throughout Europe, America and Asia. In addition to its national headquarters, it also has a sales subsidiary for North American market in Toronto, Canada and another production plant in Puebla, Mexico.

This additionally provides an improved logistics network that is prepared to provide service to meet international demands that the new company wishes to generate and develop. The group has a high-capacity, automated logistics platform in Europe and logistics services in Hong Kong, China and Buffalo, USA.