Target is releasing a collection between C9 Champion and fitness guru Anna Kaiser.

“Our goal was to reinforce that C9 Champion can meet the fitness needs of our guest, on their terms, only at Target,” said Target Chief Creative Officer Todd Waterbury. “It was important that the new logo conveyed movement and strength, and did so in a way that tied back to Target. The bold, geometric rendering of the C within the 9 honors the Target bullseye while complementing the classic Champion signature. This redesign is a bold recognition of the importance wellness plays in the lives of our guests and their families.”

C9 Champion has been an activewear brand for Target for 12 years.

Target said in a release, “Most recently, we’ve used guest feedback to make some major improvements, from reinventing our sports bras and leggings with new fits, improved fabric and better performance to expanding our assortment.

Target found inspiration for this development in Anna Kaiser, who created AKT — a boutique fitness gym opened on Manhattan’s Upper East Side in 2013.

The C9 Champion Limited Edition by Anna Kaiser line will be in stores and on on January 1, 2017.

Target also teased that the full C9 Champion line will refresh in early February. It’s new logo will first appear to consumers on the Anna Kaiser collection.

Photo courtesy Anna Kaiser, AKT