Target said it would be rewarding its frontline workers with $500 bonuses for their efforts during a “year unlike others” in 2020. Members of Target’s executive team, store leaders and distribution center leaders will net bonuses of $1,000 to $2,000. In total, Target is giving out $200 million in bonuses after a successful holiday season.

“We’re so proud of our team. They’re the heart and soul of Target, showing up for one another and our guests—and making Target a safe and easy place to shop and work,” a statement read. “And never has their dedication, resiliency, care, and compassion been more appreciated than during the pandemic.”

Members of Target’s senior management team released a “thank you” video to its employees announcing the bonuses.

The Minnesota-based retailer has rewarded frontline employees during the COVID-19 pandemic with multiple bonuses in 2020. From a $200 bonus to all hourly employees in July to raising the company-wide minimum wage to $15 per hour show a more than $1 billion investment to their employees.

Photo courtesy Target