According to the China Economic News Service, Taiwanese bicycle exports increased 7.9% to 2.7 million units for the first eight months of 2004. The export value jumped 18.52% to reach $424 million. Taiwan Bicycle Exporters Association said that the growth in export value was due to branding initiatives from companies like Giant and Merida, which has raised the ASP of Taiwanese bikes to $156.48.

The TBEA is also launching several initiatives to transform the island’s image from that of a source of inexpensive commodity bikes into an innovative top-end bicycle manufacturer. One program urges manufacturers to produce “3N” products, or products featuring ‘New’ functions, ‘New’ materials and ‘New’ applications.
Another program is a coalition of Taiwan’s top 20 bicycle manufacturers, called “The A-Team.” The group collaborates on many aspects of R&D, production and marketing in order to make more innovative products. Merida, the island’s second largest manufacturer, has more than doubled its ASP to over $311 since joining “The A-Team.”