Tennessee-based sock company Swiftwick announced it is teaming up with Backbone Media to drive its public relations.

Founded in 2008, Swiftwick is an athlete-owned and operated company that makes high-performance running, cycling, hiking and fitness socks in the USA. The original Swiftwick socks were conceived and developed by a mountain bike racer seeking a better product for his team. Early product seeding was done around the pits and campfires of a 12-hour mountain bike race. Now, 10 years after its inception, Swiftwick still operates with the same commitment to athletes, offering a “Best Socks You Will Ever Wear” guarantee.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Backbone, because it’s an agency that values an active lifestyle as much as we do,” said Chris Cowan, Swiftwick director of brand and product strategy. “We have many new launches in the pipeline, and we’re excited for Backbone to help us tell our story.”

Using blends of natural and synthetic fibers, Swiftwick socks are supremely lightweight and moisture-wicking. Each sock is crafted with Contoured Compression® Fit and Fiber First™ Moisture Wicking technologies to provide uncompromised, blister-free performance.

Swiftwick is also committed to sustainability, creating durable products that reduce the need for consumption, manufacturing locally to reduce garment miles, utilizing domestically-sourced natural fibers and synthetics that require less energy to produce, and recycling scrap materials to reduce waste.

“I got my first pair of Swiftwick socks at a mountain bike race nearly ten years ago. I wear them all the time, and they’re still going strong,” said Ian Anderson, partner at Backbone Media. “We love that brand has remained dedicated to performance, and we’re excited to help them grow.”