Ohio-based Renegade Brands finalized a private label deal with Xenith to bring the its gear cleaner into the football market. Xenith Gear Cleaner, powered by Sweat X, is a dual purpose spray designed to clean hard equipment surfaces and eliminate sweat stench from absorbent pads and gear. The same Gear Cleaner is the choice solution used in Xenith Reconditioning at all levels, including the NFL.

The Sweat X Laundry Cleaning Line, which includes a detergent, stain and odor spray, is designed to remove the toughest sports stains and odors. Used by numerous professional teams, collegiate sports programs and youth sports teams across the United States, the Sweat X detergent and laundry line eliminates 99 percent of harmful bacteria causing staph and acne from technical fabrics and everyday clothing.Sweat X Laundry Cleaning Line is also ranked No. 1 in soil release testing amongst all leading detergent brands, Sweat X high performance cleaning products are 100 percent non-toxic and 100 percent biodegradable, with no dermal impact.

“The Sweat X team is honored to partner with Xenith and looks forward to Xenith Gear Cleaner powered by Sweat X becoming a must for all professional, collegiate and youth football players and programs,” said Sweat X Inventor and Renegade Brands CEO Cathy Horton. “We are proud to be working with an organization committed to revolutionizing and promoting safety technology in football helmets and protective equipment.”

“We are excited to be partnering with Sweat X on an innovative product that we use every day in all helmet
reconditioning at our new Detroit manufacturing facility,” said Joe Esposito, Xenith CEO.