Swannies, creator of stylish, comfortable and fun clothing popular among millennial golfers, has selected Buffalo.Agency to turnkey public relations and provide marketing support for events in more than 10 U.S. cities.

Buffalo will leverage its deep editorial connections to promote Swannies’ casual-inspired apparel and accessories including performance polos, graphic t-shirts, hoodies, flip flop golf sandals and mesh-back hats which have generated a cult following. The brand’s ethos that golf should be energizing and approachable especially aligns with 18- to 34-year-old players.

Additionally, Buffalo will help market Swannies-sponsored, millennial-focused golf tournaments in Chicago, Cincinnati, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Tampa, Tucson, Washington D.C. and other major metropolitan areas. Teams will compete in traditional nine-hole scramble and party games such as cornhole, flip cup and more. Swannies pop-up shops will sell merchandise at each event.

“Our customers are the future of golf and many embrace it in a more relaxed way,” says Adam Iversen, co-founder of Swannies Apparel. “We want players to feel comfortable and accepted on the course through what they wear and how they experience the game.”

“Millennials comprise almost 30 percent of the golfer population and is the fastest-growing segment,” says Rich Katz, managingdirector of Buffalo.Agency. “In courting this key demographic, Swannies’ innate passion and enthusiasm for the game inspires its collections and experiential activations.”

Headquartered in Minneapolis and co-founded by Iversen, Matt Stang and Sam Swanson, Swannies initially developed the “Swannies Classic Golf Sandal,” a spikeless flip flop worn on and off the course. Building upon that success, Swannies has evolved into a full men’s apparel brand and events promotion team dedicated to connecting people through enjoyment of the game. The brand’s casual-inspired performance polos, graphic t-shirts, hoodies, mesh-back hats, shorts, flip flop golf sandals and other accessories are available at more than 250 golf courses, country clubs and resorts nationwide and at swannies.co.

Photo courtesy Swannies