Beatrice Sangster-Bullers used a mixture of sustainable materials including Singtex, made from coffee grounds, (Singtex presented the brand’s technology at last month’s OR Summer Market) and SympaTex reclaimed nylon—an alternative to Goretex—to create an apparel collection integrating artificial intelligence into garments.

Beatrice’s collection called The Order of The Singularity, showcases how smart materials can be integrated to create wearable “emotionally intelligent” clothing.

Sensors integrated into the garments use algorithms to map the wearer’s emotions at the time the garments are worn. The wearer can select what visual output they project onto their clothing—mood dependent—that allows them to communicate what they’re feeling visually on the surface of the clothing.

The concept may not reach mass market appeal, but it’s another example of young designers pushing the sustainability needle and textile companies working in tandem.

Photos courtesy Beatrice Sangster-Bullers