­Superfeet recently partnered with John “The Penguin” Bingham, runner, author and inspiration for runners of all levels.

“John has universal appeal to a wide range of runners, from the elite to the beginner,” said Superfeet Vice President of Marketing Evan Wert. “Our hope is that John will help to educate runners of all abilities on the importance of using patented Superfeet footbeds to improve foot, ankle, knee, joint and back health, and to help these athletes continue to run with a reduced risk
of injury or pain.”

Bingham credits Superfeet footbeds for providing the necessary foot support and comfort to begin and maintain his consistency as a runner.

“When you start your running program, like I did, at age 43 and 100 pounds overweight, your feet take a real beating,” said Bingham. “I did too much too soon, and my feet paid the price. The smartest move I made was to put
Superfeet in every shoe I wear ­with the help of their products I've been able to complete 40 marathons, multi-day adventure races and more. I am eager to share my enthusiasm for the Superfeet line with runners and walkers
all over the world.²

John “The Penguin” Bingham has become one of the running community's most recognized personalities thanks to his extremely popular column “The Chronicles” in Runner's World Magazine and his real-life story about overcoming his own weight and health issues to become the marathon runner he is today.