SUGOI Performance Apparel launched “Incredible Jane” – an online community designed to foster new participation in the sport of triathlon through the activities of one fearless athlete.

“Incredible Jane” follows the inspiring journey of a SUGOI employee embodying the company's mission to “BE INCREDIBLE.” Once an avid triathlete, Jane set aside her athleticism to focus on raising her young family. Determined to salvage her health and her passion for triathlon, the campaign tracks Jane as she reclaims her fitness and rediscovers herself. Jane takes on the challenge of finding the fine balance between her family and her love for sport, as she strives to lose weight, change her dietary habits, and train daily to reach her goal of competing in a sprint triathlon in May 2010.

Incredible Jane’s journey will be documented and shared with the world through her daily blog updates and video sharing. The site will also offer race footage, training tips from expert personal trainers and specialized dietary tips from registered dieticians. Additional tips will include bike fittings, shoe fittings, triathlon product reviews, and gear reviews. Further, weekly prizes from brands including Cannondale, SUGOI and GU will be offered.

Aimee Taylor, SUGOI Communications Coordinator, said, “The power and beauty of Jane’s journey stems from her courage to be honest with herself, and with the thousands that are watching and rooting her on. Jane has removed the veil that many facets of today’s society insist we wear. Through Jane’s ups and downs, doubts and dreams, we celebrate the journey of a woman that all of us can relate to– especially to those of us who are struggling with being unfit.”