At their best, anniversaries offer a chance for celebration, reflection and
rejuvenation. In 2007, Sugoi Performance Apparel is celebrating 20 years of
fuelling personal bests, and inspiring confidence through incredible athletic
products in a variety of ways. New branding, a vintage poster program and anniversary parties are just part of Sugoi’s 20th
Anniversary Celebrations.

The most obvious outward symbol of
this occasion is Sugoi’s comprehensively revamped brand identification. Working closely
with Vancouver agency Rethink
Communications to achieve the final design, the branding is now reflected in a
wide array of new marketing expressions and emanates from the company’s core
values and the characteristics of its employees. It is solidly grounded,
yet independent, passionate and authentic.

“The new logo reflects the brand’s
forward momentum,” says David Murphy, Sugoi’s director of marketing, “Supported
by the custom word mark, the new brand embodies the energy, power, quality and
technical innovation found in Sugoi products.”

The branding is now reflected in a
wide array of new marketing expressions,
all custom-created right down to a new proprietary type font. The logo is key
to expressing the newly-inspired branding, according to Murphy, “The new icon
represents a stylized figure striving ahead and represents core strength
emanating from within.”

Sugoi has also commissioned a
series of retro posters for instore and consumer distribution. The three posters
are both kinetic and classic, and by containing both the original Sugoi Bolt and
new branding, they capture the movement and power of the Sugoi idea.

Finally, Sugoi will be throwing
parties at EuroBike and Interbike, commemorating the occasion with specialty
dealers whose unwavering support has been vital to Sugoi’s growth through the
years. “We’re not going to tell you yet what we’re up to, but we promise that
the parties are going to be worth a visit,” said Murphy.