Athlete social network Strava is calling for its users to share their sweat-soaked imperfections with its Athletes Unfiltered campaign, which urges members to “be themselves, celebrate the inclusivity of sport, their hard work and reject the curation and negativity found on other social networks.”

The campaign kicks off with a short film created by BAFTA-nominated production company Archer’s Mark, which features members of the Strava community sharing their raw defeats as well as their victories, without the gloss of Instagram filters or even a post-workout cleanup. Strava is encouraging its community to tag posts with #AthletesUnfiltered and “bring each other together with raw and ridiculous photos of the sports we love.”

Gareth Nettleton, VP of marketing at Strava, stated, “There are two key insights that drove the work, both inspired by what’s wrong with the world lately. Firstly, we live in a terribly divisive time, and sport connects people across lines you might not expect. It is a positive, unifying force, and we want to shine a light on its power to bring people together.”

The film, which can be viewed below, will be distributed digitally with 12 further shorts to come, highlighting different aspects of the Strava community.

Photo and video courtesy Strava