Strava has acquired Recover Athletics, the prehab app for runners, giving Strava subscribers access to the company’s content, including personalized prehab and injury prevention exercise plans.

Studies have found that up to 79 percent of runners sustain injuries every year. Recover Athletics, founded in 2018 by Nick Kafker and Nick Stewart, creates personalized exercise routines based on runner’s training and soreness data. The company collaborated with physicians and physical therapists from Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital and Mass General Brigham in Boston to create their library and algorithms, which match runners with evidence-based exercises to stay injury-free.

“Recover Athletics addresses a fundamental problem for athletes and provides an avenue to avoid painful periods of injury to help people keep doing the sports they love,” said Michael Horvath, CEO of Strava.

Before the acquisition, Recover Athletics used Strava’s API to customize recommendations for athletes based on their training data. Athletes can sign into their Strava account on the Recover app, integrate their Strava data and automatically access Recover’s features.

“Joining Strava is an exciting milestone for our product, our community of runners, and our internal team,” said Nick Stewart, CEO of Recover Athletics. “Strava provides the community that keeps athletes active and we provide the tools to keep them healthy so that they can keep doing what they love. This is the dream partnership that my co-founder, Nick Kafker, and I have always envisioned, and we’re looking forward to our future together with Strava.”

By next year, Recover Athletics said it would use Strava’s resources to expand its platform beyond helping runners.