Stile Products Inc., a North American distributor specializing in cycling products, has added Carry Freedom and its bicycle trailers to its portfolio of urban cycling brands, which also includes Tern Bicycles, BioLogic accessories and LikeABike.

With the announcement, two of Carry Freedoms flagship trailer models, the Y Large and Y Small, are now available, while “The Leaf” will be available in the fall of 2015.

“We’re expanding the Stile Products portfolio to become a one-stop shop that offers the essential cycling solutions for consumers living and commuting in the city,” said Steve Boyd, founder and general manager for Stile Products, which is based in Los Angeles. “Carry Freedom evolves our portfolio with an ingenious solution for carrying large loads that would typically require a motorized solution.”

Carry Freedom’s Y-FRAME trailers are simple, elegant and versatile. They come equipped with a multifunctional trailer platform allowing it to support many different types of attachments, such as boxes, backpacks, dog baskets, and more.  Installation and change-outs literally take seconds, and the Y-FRAME easily connects to the bike’s rear axle via an approved Lollypop elastomer hitch bracket. The Y Small accommodates up to 100 pounds, while the Y Large will haul a payload of nearly 200 pounds.