Star Nutrition, Inc., a California-based diversified health and wellness industry firm, added Peak Performance Products, Inc. as its newest Canadian distributor.

SportsFleet Ventures, Inc., a current Star Nutrition distributor, recently finalized a partnership with Peak Performance Products, which is one of the most well-known and highly respected distributors in the Canadian sports nutrition industry. These relationships allow consumers to more easily gain access to the highly sought-after Incrediwear products.

“We are so excited about the opportunity to support and grow the Incrediwear brand,” says John Stoikus of Peak Performance Products, Inc. “We feel Incrediwear products will be a great addition to our current portfolio as well as our retail partners. It is with great pleasure that Peak Performance Products will now securely distribute Incredisocks, Incredibraces and Incrediwear sports recovery line for our premium retailers in Canada.”

Other companies working with Peak Performance Products include Nogii, Dymatize, BPI sports, Organique and numerous other athletic, lifestyle and beauty products.

“Canadian interest in the Incrediwear brand has been rapidly increasing,” states Star Nutrition CEO Jackson Corley. “Peak Performance Products' impressive track record speaks volumes to their ability to move quality products. By partnering with Peak and SportsFleet Ventures, we will be able to reach more people and create an even higher demand for our already success lines.”

Incrediwear products, including Incredibraces, Incredisocks, Increditec, and Incredisoles, couple proven benefits such as aiding blood flow, thermo regulation, and wicking moisture. These factors allow the body to train harder, train longer and recover faster from workouts while aiding pain relief to injured body parts.