Stack Athletics, the manufacturer of pickleball-specific apparel, launched a 14-piece summer collection for men and women, a result of almost a year of sourcing and testing materials specifically for the speed and intensity of the game, in new technologies to help regulate the body during play, colors and patterns.

Key new technology features include built-in MellowMesh Liner for stretch, support and breathability; Caddy Pocket to hold two pickleballs; and Flowstate Micromesh, the company’s proprietary quick-dry, microvented blend to help the body stay cool and self-regulate through long matches.

Stack’s new collection was inspired by its team of pro pickleball players, including Tyler Loong, Michael Lloyd, Christine Maddox, Brandon Nsekpong, Angie and Alex Walker, and DJ Young, who play on the PPA & APP Tours wearing the Stack’s Summer 2024 collection.

“At Stack, we embrace pickleball as loud, unapologetic and disruptive, and we wanted our line to reflect that,” said Jeremy Nef, president of Stack Athletics. “In this new collection, every detail down to the drawstring length and ball pockets has been thought of so players can focus on keeping the intensity up and the game loud. And to all the tennis players out there, thanks for the courts!” 

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Image courtesy Stack Athletics