Springfield Armory promoted Drew Herbst to national sales and law enforcement (LE) manager. As a 20-year employee of Springfield Armory, Herbst “brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success to this pivotal role, poised to lead the company’s sales initiatives to new heights,” the company reported.

In his new capacity, Herbst will collaborate with Peggy Hickenbottom, the VP of distribution sales and customer service, whose focus remains on the distribution side of sales. 

Herbst’s primary responsibilities include spearheading sales strategies for buying groups, big box stores and national accounts. Leveraging his expertise and strategic acumen, he will drive targeted initiatives to optimize growth and continue to foster partnerships within these key channels.

“Drew’s promotion underscores our unwavering commitment to providing superior service to our valued customers. Throughout his tenure, Drew’s meticulous attention to detail and his reputation for responsiveness among our customers have consistently set him apart,” said Steve McKelvain, president of Springfield Armory. “His profound understanding of our product line and the nuanced dynamics of our individual customers have long been among his greatest strengths, propelling him to excel in achieving both our and our partners’ sales objectives. In his new role, Drew’s deep dedication to our customers will be further magnified, ensuring that we continue to deliver unparalleled support and solutions tailored to their needs.”

In addition to Herbst’s primary responsibilities, he will oversee law enforcement sales, reinforcing the company’s role in managing SMU product development projects.

Image courtesy Springfield Armory / U.S. National Park Service