Sportsman’s Apparel, announces the appointment of GB Stumpp and Associates as its new, regional sales agency of record covering the Northeast States.

Headed up by Terry Dean and supported by over eight regional representatives, GB Stumpp has over 75 years representing prominent outdoor brands.

“Terry’s group represents some of the best brands in the industry and have a proven reputation with retailers and brands alike,” said Ron Robley, sales director for Rendezvous Marketing Group, agency of record for Sportsman’s. ” Ive known and worked with GB Stumpp for many years with other leading manufacturers, aligning with his group again leaves no doubt that Sportsman’s will flourish in the Northeast. GB Stumpp’s dedication, experience and understanding are critical to Sportsman’s future successes. Were happy to bring them on board during this exciting time.”

“Sportsman’s attracts customers from all walks of life, appealing to all types of hunters and fishermen, from the C-suite weekend warrior to those in the rural areas,” said Sportsmans Vice President of Consumer Goods Wade Stevens. “We need representation that knows the market in totality and can saturate all markets and all opportunities, Im confident that GB Stumpp and Associates can do just that.”

Sportsman LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Louisiana Publishing, AKA Louisiana Sportsman. As a company, they have been serving the outdoor and sporting industry for over 31 years, providing regional monthly sporting magazines, online sporting news and television programming that promotes the sports of hunting and fishing. The Sportsman LLC Apparel division designs sources and sells outdoor lifestyle clothing for both men and women.