Emerald Expositions has appointed Pat Hus as its new show director for the Sports Licensing and Tailgating Show.

Hus will take on the new role for the 2017 show, as well as continue as show director for Emerald’s Interbike show.

In a letter to the industry welcoming registration for the January 2017 show, Hus said, “As it stands right now, we are poised to bring you what should be our biggest show in history with more new products and licensees than ever.”

Hus comes from a retail, sales representative and wholesale background, particularly in the bicycle business. He has headed up Interbike for more than five years and charts 35 years in the bike industry.

“I think my background from all sides of the business has helped prepare me for the role I am in now,” Hus said. “I am really excited to be joining the Sports Licensing team and working together to make this show even better,” Hus said.

Photo courtesy Sports Licensing and Tailgating Show/Emerald Expositions