Sports Authority has hired A&G Realty Partners to take bids in a June auction for the retailer’s remaining 320 leases.

A&G Realty is currently accepting bids on the remaining leases, which range from 10,000 to 80,000 square feet located in many of the major retail markets in the country including prestigious locations in NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Miami. (Click here for full store list.)

“The company has done a great job with its real estate and their locations are well positioned in key retail street and power center locations. By taking assignment of leases, retailers have the opportunity to enter new markets and gain access to projects they may have previously been unable to penetrate,” said Emilio Amendola, A&G Co-President.

“We expect store closing sales to carry on through August but bids for the leases are due June 23rd with an auction set for June 29th in Wilmington, DE. Interested parties should move quickly on submitting offers for leases before the bid deadline,” said Amendola.

The hiring comes as liquidators last Thursday began going-out-business sales at its remaining stores.