Sport Supply Group, Inc. reported a 47% increase in sales during the holiday season through its eSportsonline sales channel on’s Sports & Outdoors store. The company beleives that consumers responded to an eSportsonline-exclusive promotion on where 5% of every dollar spent during the December quarter would go to support our men and women in uniform in the form of sporting goods and recreation equipment.

Terrence Babilla, SSG’s Chief Operating Officer said, “we are honored to be in a position to donate sports equipment to the men and women engaged in our country’s service and have been humbled to hear personal accounts of how troops are bridging a cultural gap during this time of crisis through a shared love of sports.”

“We are pleased with the success of our Support the Troops promotion and with our accelerated sales growth on’s Sports & Outdoors store, particularly during the December quarter when institutional sales of sporting goods are traditionally soft.”

“Our IT platform enables us to manage this increase in sales volume without increasing our staffing levels, making this a truly scaleable business for us. We are currently pursuing other opportunities to leverage our technology to expand our consumer-direct business. This new sales model not only strengthens our bottom line, but helps to level our order volume in all four quarters.”