South Korea-based Zerogram, a manufacturer of ultralight camping equipment, hired Chicago-based Clove Hitch Inc. as its lead advertising agency in preparation for its North American debut in 2016.  

Headquartered in Seoul, Zerogram designs ultra-light camping equipment with an emphasis on sustainable practices and eco-friendly technology.

“Our current slogan, 'We feel sorry for the Earth,' suggests it is time humanity – and large companies – take responsibility for the damage they have inflicted on this world,” company officials said. “If we truly love the outdoors, we must treat it with respect. Zerograms's Earth-centric philosophy reflects this, inspiring light, durable gear that generates less waste as well as less exhaustion for its users, letting them move about faster to enjoy the outdoors to an even greater extent than they could before.”

“As we introduce ourselves to US consumers, it’s absolutely vital for us to differentiate ourselves from all the other backpacking brands at retail,” said Zerogram CEO Woody Lee. “It’s really our innovative product line and our core value of protecting the Earth that sets us apart, and we know Clove Hitch is the right agency to convey what we want to tell the American consumer.”

Zerogram has tasked Clove Hitch with developing an integrated campaign for the outdoor brand in 2016.

“Developing a brand is never an easy task, and we’re proud to be the agency that will craft their story. And they definitely have something to say. I have no doubt we’ll achieve Zerogram’s goals for the coming year,” said Clove Hitch founder and President Tony Valtos. “We understand what drives their brand. We understand what drives the industry and we will get them to their goals.”

For more information please contact: Tony Valtos, Clove Hitch inc, or 847-732-8703.