Over the weekend more than 5000 local heads converged at the Globe warehouse for the
 Vintage street wear, more than 100 tables strewn with sneakers of all make, model and year, offered something for everyone and for every budget. But the best part …  the bi-annual event continues to be FREE.

The day was filled with brand awareness and attracted attention for Off-White x Nikes or HyperAdapts while Yeezys and NMDS were as prolific and popular as ever. Jordan Brand was noticeably absent this year. With an afternoon time slot and a well-stocked booze caravan, the crowd was loose with their wallets as the day moved on.

The Jason Markk cleaning crew, in their new Dickies jumpsuits pictured above,  were on-hand to freshen up any kicks by the brand’s sneaker care technicians.

The arcade-style Yeezy claw machine, above, was another innovation but left the crowd frustrated — but if you hung in there, there were Supreme Bogs and Hilfigers waiting.

Levis, Adidas, Puma, New Era, Lacoste, Vans, DC, and Doc Martens supplied hundreds of gift bags for the next gen sneakerheads.
The year’s biggest collaborations were displayed from booth to booth — KAWS 4s, Off-White Nikes, Mars Yard 2.0s. Old Yeezys, Provider 1500s and ‘Hyper Blue’ TNs had their day, too.

And the young highschoolers were figuring out how to flip their purchases for heavier wallets.

If you missed the Sneaker Freaker Swop, stay tuned for details here.

Photos courtesy Sneaker Freaker