SKLZ, the maker of training aids, partnered with six elite athletes serving as team captains for their core sport categories and continuation of their partnership with EXOS (formerly Athletes' Performance) securing Mark Verstegen as the team captain for sport performance training. Athletes include Alex Morgan and Megan Rapinoe for soccer, Evan Longoria for baseball, Tony Finau for golf, and Jason Verrett and Kenny Stills for football. In 2015 these athletes will drive the launch of the new SKLZ brand message, “Prepare to be ready,” and influence SKLZ product and program development through unique insights from their experiences.

“We are excited to partner with these exceptional athletes to build training products and programs for athletes wanting to train smarter, and not just harder,” says SKLZ President Brian Enge. “Our SKLZ Team Captains commit to preparing for their sport. Their training stories inspire youth athletes around the world to train smarter in pursuit of that competitive edge.”

Each of these athletes will be sharing their stories on training and what preparing to be ready means to them as they embark on some of the biggest journeys of their careers; the 2015 Women's World Cup, time in the NFL, and the 2015 MLB season. SKLZ will be sharing each Team Captain's story throughout the year, through all their brand communications and through their retail partners.

“Training for soccer has always been more than just playing the game for me,” says SKLZ Team Captain Alex Morgan, “it is about getting my body strong for soccer as well as developing my technical skills. As a SKLZ Team Captain, we are excited to bring sport-specific training to players everywhere.”