SKLZ, the manufacturer of sports-specific training products, is launching Hyper Speed, a wearable tech product that measures speed, agility and vertical jump so athletes can create their combine whether in the backyard or on the practice field.

Michael Polk, CEO of Implus, said, “The SKLZ Hyper Speed is a game-changer for youth athletes looking for a precise and reliable device to measure their speed, agility and vertical jump. This product is a precision tool that replaces the need for expensive timing gate systems and inaccurate stopwatches, and it provides instant feedback to easily track performance gains on the SKLZ proprietary app.”

To use the device, athletes set up their phone in the included tripod, strap on the wristband sensor and begin training. The app features instructional video drills to guide and challenge athletes with different workouts. After each session, users check the app to view results. It tracks and graphs speed or jump results after every drill to comprehensively review progress over time.

Athletes can use Hyper Speed with additional SKLZ products to diversify workouts or focus on refining a skillset with various training tools. For more product information, go here. 

Images courtesy SKLZ