Skirt Sports will recognize its 10th anniversary Sept. 15 with the Virtual 10 on 10 Run for women across the nation and world. Women register with Skirt Sports to either run 10k or 10 miles on the
weekend of the 15th and will connect with Skirt Sports via social
media and a weekly newsletter with training tips from Nicole DeBoom, CEO of Skirt Sports.

RUNcelebration represents women runners, their strength, their ability
to use running as a means to connect one another and the freedom to run
in fashionable, flattering and high performing running gear.

better way to celebrate 10 years of entrepreneurship and choice in
running attire than to run with all the women who have supported me
throughout the years,” said DeBoom. “Since I cannot get the thousands of
women here to Boulder, Colorado, I can use the next best thing –
technology and social media to connect us all. We are all going to run
virtually together and Skirt Sports will honor each registered
participant with a Skirt Sports gift certificate, Lucky #10 race bib and
a finisher’s gift. I am proud to be in a position where I can give a
gift back to our customers!”

Best yet, a portion of the 10 on 10
registration fee goes to help Skirt Sports grow its Kick Start program.
The 15 women who ran their first 5k at the Skirt Sports Half Marathon in
June are now training to run their first 10k with Skirt Sports. DeBoom
and her Skirt Sports employees will lead a real 10k and 10 mile fun run
from their headquarters on Sept. 15 for those Colorado-based
registered woman who want to join in the camaraderie of Skirt Sports.
more information about Skirt Sports, the 10 on 10 Virtual race and the
Kick Start program, please visit

Born from an idea by professional triathlete Nicole DeBoom during a training run and debuted at an Ironman race in 2004, DeBoom used the prize money from her victory in Wisconsin to incorporate Skirt Sports, the first company to create a line of run specific athletic skirts.

“When I drew the first sketch of a running skirt on a scratch piece of paper, I had no idea that I would be changing how an entire industry viewed running clothing for women,” said DeBoom. “What was even more surprising was how those first skirts helped women break down their barriers to running and fitness. Women thanked me and told me that the skirt helped them overcome self-consciousness to get out there and run. Who knew that a skirt would be attributed to so many women ‘personal besting’ their races, and more importantly changing their lifestyles!”

Over the past 10 years, Skirt Sports has led the industry in innovation both on the performance and fashion fronts. Within the first few years, Skirt Sports built a full line of high-fashion inspired performance tops, bottoms and bras that flattered and welcomed women of all body types and fitness levels. Though DeBoom and Skirt Sports saw early criticism, there was a strong core following and a wave a big brands and entrepreneurs jumped into the running skirt market, solidifying that the running skirt was not just a fad.

As a brand founded on the principal of making running more accessible and enjoyable for women, Skirt Sports quickly grew into a community of women who support women in finding happiness as they incorporate fitness into their already busy lives. In order to be able to connect with the women runners on a more personal level, Nicole created the national Skirt Chaser 5k series and recently an all-women’s Half Marathon, dubbed the Thirteener. These events also serve as a platform for Kick Start, Skirt Sports program that pairs women who face barriers to fitness with experienced runners who mentor them through a beginner running program which prepares them to complete their first 5k.