Being National Foster a Pet Month, Skechers reported surpassing $11 million in donations from sales of its Bobs from Skechers collection—funds that have helped save and support “over two million animals in need since its start in 2015.”

To commemorate the milestone, Skechers launched a month-long celebration that includes pet adoptions nationwide, grant checks to shelters across the country through its partnership with national non-profit animal-lifesaving organization Petco Love and the culmination of its Paws for a Cause Design Scholarship, debuting limited-edition styles that were designed by its winning college students.

“Our $11 million milestone reflects how deeply consumers are engaging with our brand, and how much our impact has grown to help animals in need. The Bobs movement has become an organic, consumer-supported experience shared by pet lovers across North America,” said Michael Greenberg, president of Skechers.

Greenberg continued, “We’ve seen so many stories—from the girl who adopted her bulldog and nursed him to health and happiness in Washington to an elementary class that came together to adopt a therapy dog for their school in Michigan—even pilots who have taken to the air to help animals escape natural disasters. Every story has been unique, moving and life-changing for the animal and adopter. Together with the wonderful Paws for a Cause prints that our scholarship winners made in honor of their beloved shelter pets, these experiences unite our pet-loving community in such a beautiful, positive way.”

Printed on one of Skechers’ most popular Bobs’ sneaker silhouettes, the new Paws for a Cause mosaics will debut in mid-June. Cal State Fullerton student Teeny Nadeau created the designs in honor of her rescue cat Firefly, who recently passed away from cancer, and USC student Maki Shigetani in tribute to her family’s dogs, whose unconditional love “helped support her mental health and brought her joy during the pandemic.”

The planned events, in conjunction with Skechers partner Petco Love, will include:

  • mega-adoptions in Delaware, Florida and Texas;
  • Skechers annual Petco Love register round-up campaign at its retail stores;
  • block party and adoption event with Petco Love in New York’s Union Square;
  • regional pet adoption events and grant presentations in North Carolina, California, Tennessee, and Canada.
  • Bobs from Skechers will also enter the world of professional sports at the premiere Stanley Pup, featuring NHL hockey teams, athletes and celebrities to generate attention for adoptable pups nationwide, and distribute Paws for a Cause scholarships to Nadeau and Shigetani and provide checks to Southern California shelters spcaLA and MeoowzResQ.

“Skechers’ contribution will have an enormous impact—helping to employ our staff, provide medical services for our animals and continue our pet adoption efforts,” said Madeline Bernstein, president of spcaLA. “We’re deeply grateful for the generosity of Maki and Teeny, who are using their creative talents and love for shelter pets to help animals—as well as companies like Skechers that enable us to connect our adorable adoptables with more pet parents and change their lives forever.”

“Congratulations to Skechers on reaching this incredible milestone. Through sales of their Bobs styles, Skechers has donated more than $7.5 million to Petco Love, supporting their network of animal welfare organizations, added Susanne Kogut, president of Petco Love. “They’ve been an active, engaged partner at events nationwide and are continually finding new ways to raise awareness and save animals’ lives. They’ve put their heart into this mission for over eight years now, and we’re so proud and appreciative of their support.”

Through Skechers’ partnerships with Petco Love and its 4,000-plus animal welfare organization network in the U.S. and Canada, Woodgreen Pets Charity in the UK and ALMA in Japan, Bobs has grown into a cross-continental lifesaving movement—donating funds through purchases of specially marked Bobs from Skechers products, and producing adoption, vaccination and check presentation events for animal welfare organizations. The Bobs from Skechers philanthropic collection is available online, at Skechers stores and at department and specialty locations.

Image courtesy Petco Love, Bobs from Skechers shoes, as seen on Bijou from City Dogs Cleveland.