Sinclair Imports has become the distributor of SRAM road product.

“We see a great opportunity for Sinclair to satisfy a rapidly growing demand for SRAM road products, both as separate aftermarket items as well as providing kits with the frame lines distributed through Sinclair,” said John Dixon, sales director for SRAM. “Sinclair has historically done a great job in servicing the specialty road and cyclocross market and SRAM is very enthused in this partnership. We view Sinclair’s retailer relationships as value-added.”

“We are really excited to have Sinclair providing Zipp Wheels as a part of their bicycle offering,” said Brian Gavette, North American director of aftermarket sales and marketing for SRAM. “Their bike frames, equipped with Zipp Wheels, provide independent bicycle dealers and consumers with a superb mix of product and performance. Alignment with Sinclair, their brands, and our sponsored athletes is also important. Bringing dealers the same world-class equipment ridden by Sam McGlone and Katie Compton is an exciting prospect that will serve all of us well.”

“All of us at Sinclair are ecstatic to join the family of SRAM distributors,” said Lance Donnell, president and CEO of Sinclair Imports. “We are focused on the high end of the road, triathlon and cyclocross markets at Sinclair and not offering SRAM Red, Force and Rival had been a big problem. Now our great customers can get whatever they need with one call to Sinclair including SRAM’s incredible line of wheels. Sinclair’s lineup of Argon 18 and Stevens complete bikes can now be equipped with SRAM components as well.

“We will be able to offer Argon 18 and Stevens complete bikes equipped with Zipp Wheels,” he added. “This is huge for Sinclair. Argon 18 is a prominent and growing brand in the Triathlon market and Zipp obviously owns the Triathlon Wheel market if you look at the dramatic statistics from Ironman Hawaii.

“Argon 18 is already working extensively with Zipp,” Donnell said. “I envision Sinclair selling a lot of 404/808 equipped tri bikes and some 1080s too. Stevens and Zipp are co-sponsors of America’s biggest cyclocross star Katie Compton and we will be selling Stevens 2010/2011 cross bikes equipped with Zipp beginning in July. The addition of SRAM and Zipp to Sinclair closes the loop for Sinclair by offering retailers Stevens and Argon 18 bikes specd exactly how they want and will be the catalyst of our transition from selling frames and kits to selling complete bikes.”