Silva has collaborated with U.S. Olympic Biathlon team member Tim Burke, providing Silva Tech4O Ski Speedometer product for training and preparation for the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino. The Ski Speedometer records information vital to Burke in his Biathlon training, such as actual ground speed, distance, pace and heart rate. The biathlon event combines cross-country skiing and rifle shooting.

“I was very eager to work with Silva because of their innovative product
line,” says Tim Burke, U.S. Olympian. “The Silva Tech4O Ski Speedometer stood out to me because, although biathlon events take over 20 minutes to complete, they are often won and lost by seconds. For this reason, every little advantage that I can have in training makes a huge difference.”

Burke will compete in a minimum of three of the five Biathlon medal events during the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino; the Individual Biathlon, the Sprint Biathlon and the Relay Biathlon. Overall results from the Individual and Sprint races will narrow competitors to the top 60, who will then compete in the Pursuit Biathlon Race. The top 30 qualifiers will participate in the Mass Start Biathlon.

“Prior to using the ski speedometer,” adds Burke, “I only recorded time during my workouts. With the addition of the Silva speedometer, I have been able to keep track of both distances and speed, down to the second, which is something other tools can¬ít do. This information gives me that much more detail into the specifics of each workout. I use this information to gauge my efforts, which then helps me prepare better for the next training session.”