Outdoor brand Sierra Designs shared a new series of educational videos featuring long-distance hiker Andrew Skurka. The videos offer practical advice for hikers, backpackers and outdoor enthusiasts.

The series taps into Skurka’s extensive knowledge in order to educate others. A National Geographic “Adventurer of the Year” who has hiked more than 30,000 miles, Skurka also has experience as a guide, leading dozens of group trips into the backcountry. His videos cover a variety of topics, including how to use a map and compass and finding the best campsite. Viewers will learn skills necessary for navigating, eating and sleeping in the backcountry while minimizing their impact on the natural environment.

“This series lets me take years of outdoor experience and condense that know-how into pieces that are easy for everyone to understand and use,” said Skurka. “We want to get people fired up about going outside, and if they feel confident in their backcountry skills they’ll be more likely to do that. I even get to share my favorite gourmet backpacking meal – beans and rice with Fritos and cheese.”

In addition to the educational series, Sierra Designs also teamed up with Skurka for several videos exploring the products they co-developed. Skurka walks viewers through the products’ design and testing, along with practical step-by-step instructions on how best to use them.