Sierra Club members have elected five of their peers to
the 115-year-old environmental organization's Board of Directors.

Lisa Renstrom of Charlotte, North Carolina, who currently serves as the Club's President, was re-elected to the board. Robert Cox of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, who served twice as President of the Sierra Club (2000-2001 and 1994-1996), also re-joins the board. Other members to be elected to
their second terms are Sanjay Ranchod of San Francisco, California and David Karpf of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Allison Chin of Stanford, California, a scientist and leader with the Sierra Club's Inner City Outings program, was elected to her first term.

“Grassroots leadership is the core of the Sierra Club, and we're proud that the five board members elected today have such strong records of service in the Sierra Club and in their communities,” said Secretary Jim Dougherty. “Under the leadership of these remarkable individuals we can make great
progress towards solving the environmental challenges facing our planet.”

The board will elect their new President when they meet in May.