SnowSports Industries America has had another success in its efforts to reduce tariffs on imports of manufactured snow sports products. In cooperation with the SIA’s law firm of record, DLA Piper US LLP, SIA worked with members of Congress to extend duty breaks for snowboard boots, which were set to expire this year, until the end of 2009. Additionally, the duty was further reduced from 4% to 0%. Products included in this duty reduction are snowboard boots, ski boots and cross country ski footwear.

Footwear that fit the following description may now be imported free of duty: “Ski boots, cross country ski footwear or snowboard boots, the foregoing valued at over $12/pair, with outer soles of rubber, plastics, leather or composition leather and uppers of textile materials (provided for in subheading 6404.11.90).” All other ski and snowboard boots and cross country ski footwear (i.e., those with uppers of plastic or leather) already enter duty-free.

This duty reduction means that all snow sports footwear may now be imported into theUnited States duty-free. SIA members who manufacture snow sports footwear with textile uppers overseas will save hundreds of thousands of dollars on duties. Last year, importers spent $235,000 on duties for snowboard boots, ski boots and cross country ski footwear with textile uppers. SIA points out this may be a good opportunity for cross country ski footwear makers to explore making more products with textile uppers in order to take advantage of this significant duty break.