SnowSports Industries America is continuing an extensive environmental program at the SIA.08 SnowSports Trade Show. Riding on the coattails of last year’s efforts, several new initiatives and practices will be introduced at this year’s Show, all in an effort to be an eco-friendly association and help reduce the carbon footprint. Being “green” isn’t a new concept for SIA, as the association has been implementing environmental friendly programs since the mid 80s.

New for the SIA.08 SnowSports Trade Show is the ECOsource Market Segment exhibit. This special exhibit will feature exhibitor’s products that are either made from recycled materials, are recyable and/or sustainable. The exhibit will be located on the Show floor and as of press time, over 50 brands are slated to participate. “Nils is excited to highlight one of the many ways our company is consciously considering the environment at the ECOSource exhibit at the SIA Show,” said Heidi Andrade of Nils, Inc. “The ECOSource exhibit is a great progression for the snowsports industry and we hope it creates a lot of buzz in the industry. It is important to keep the conversation of eco friendly ways of living and creating in the forefront of everyone’s thoughts.” Also brand new for the SIA Show will be the introduction of a Digital Press Room which will include exhibitor’s press kits in a digital format only and accessible via computer terminals located in the Press Room on the Show floor.

And no one can discount the value of drinking plenty of water while attending a trade show in Las Vegas. SIA and Sessions have collaborated to provide water bottles that will be available to retailers in “premium retailer bags” and other attendees as well. Water stations will be located on the Show floor for “FREE” refills as well as in the Sessions booth. “Going Green makes sense for Sessions as a company,” said Sessions President Cindi Busenhart. “Our business depends on a clean environment.”

According to Jon Rucker, a green building consultant, if every attendee uses just one water bottle for the week, then we can prevent the unnecessary use of at least 117,000 bottles.

Carpet made from recycled materials will adorn the long aisles throughout the Show Floor. In addition, SIA, in cooperation with Mandalay Bay, will have 100% recycled waste receptacles as well as containers for recyclables such as plastic, glass, metal, etc. located throughout the show floor and in the lobby area. During the move in and move out process, SIA will work with GES Exhibitions to develop a system to recycle cardboard boxes, plastic, paper and other materials deemed recycle friendly.

For the second year in a row, SIA will purchase renewable energy certificates from Renewable Choice Energy — of Boulder, Colorado – in the amount of 225,000kWH for 100% of the electric power used during the SIA.08 SnowSports Trade Show. The purchase will prevent 313,200 pounds of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere. In layman’s terms – this represents the equivalent of NOT driving a car 400,409 miles or effectively taking 27 cars off the road for one year. Enrollment forms for renewable energy certificates that can be used in private homes or businesses will also be available onsite for SIA attendees to sign up.

The old adage of actions speak louder than words certainly rings true; however one event taking place at the Show will prove to be the exception. Alison Gannett, President of Save Our Snow Foundation and a global cooling consultant, will be on hand to discuss how to “green” your business and save money and the planet at the same time. Her presentation will be part of the newly-introduced SnowSports Institute which will make its debut at the SIA.08 SnowSports Trade Show.

“Being ‘green’ is not a new concept for us – the snowsports industry has always been comprised of conservationists, it’s part of our heritage – our livelihood and passion for winter sports requires a healthy environment. We have spent a considerable amount of time over the last year looking at new programs and alternatives to implement at the SIA.08 SnowSports Trade Show and to be examples on how we can help preserve the land which is so vital to our industry,” stated SIA President David Ingemie.