Editor’s note: Read much more about this in Ted Ligety, Carlo Salmini Discuss Shred.’s New Path.

Protective equipment brand Shred. on Thursday morning unveiled a formal relaunch driven by the brand evaluating its past and reimagining its future. This relaunch runs deep, shaping Shred.’s focus, identity and approach to business.

“Since we launched Shred. in 2006, much has changed,” said Shred. Co-founder and two-time Olympic Champion skier Ted Ligety. “Because of this, we realized a true need to step back and reflect on the journey—including the lessons we’ve learned along the way. In doing this, we came to recognize an incredible opportunity to better define what Shred. can do for our customers and our vision for the future.”

According to Shred. Co-founder and CEO Carlo Salmini, this deep commitment to introspection has led to an absolute focus on the customer. “From the products we create to the stories we tell, we want our customers to be the focal point for all our efforts,” said Salmini, who holds an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management. “Simply put, we’re in the business of giving them the confidence they need to reach the next level, feel like a pro, and have fun.”

Salmini noted that by enhancing the brand’s focus on customers, Shred. aims to forge a path that’s inclusive and accessible—yet also inspiring. “We want to inspire people to get outside and pursue their passion, regardless of their abilities or experience,” he offers. “It will help improve their lives and build a community that cares about the health of our planet.”

Armed with a greater focus on this consumer-driven approach, Shred. is transforming how it designs products and connects with its customers. “We want to ensure that every line, run, and trail is one to remember—and for all the right reasons,” said Ligety. “For this to happen, our customers need to be the hero. And they need to be the catalyst for every product we design and emotionally invested in how our products transform their time in the mountains.”

Salmini asserts that this unique approach allows Shred. to fuel innovation while also enhancing the customer experience. “All too often, brands prioritize themselves at the expense of the consumer,” he said. “Instead of offering solutions to problems, they approach each product as a means to build and perpetuate their image. Shred. focuses only on what matters—how our customers can best experience the mountains. Their needs are what drives Shred. and shape our products, technology, and efforts to connect with those who love the outdoors.”

As part of Shred.’s evolution, the Slytech brand, technology, and product line of protective equipment are being incorporated into the Shred. brand. Founded by Ligety and Salmini a year before Shred., Slytech served as its sister brand focused on protection technology. The back protectors, gloves, pads, guards, and body protection that once bore the Slytech brand name will now be developed, marketed, and sold as Shred. products that feature Slytech technology. “Moving forward, Slytech will exist solely as an ingredient brand,” offers Salmini. “This allows us to create a stronger, unified experience for our customers while continuing to leverage Slytech’s groundbreaking technology.”

Driven by its refined focus on customers, Shred. is also forging a new identity. “As a small, independent company, we’ve always done things on our own terms,” notes Ligety. “And the initial vibe behind the brand was a reflection of this—it represented a vision that was as raw as it was original. Yet with this next chapter, we want to ensure Shred.’s identity captures who we are today. The brand’s aesthetics aim to be inviting, inclusive, and accessible while also alluding to the sophistication of our market-leading design and technology.” These aesthetics are at the heart of Shred.’s new website, logo, and a line of products it is unveiling as part of this relaunch. Equipped with the brand’s new identity, a limited run of these products is now available through Shred.’s website.

“We’re humbled and honored to kick off this new chapter in Shred.’s evolution,” offers Ligety. “The brand’s success is the direct result of our customers. And now, we’re better equipped than ever to help them pursue their passion and have the time of their lives.”

Photo courtesy Shred.