Shimano appointed Taizo Shimano, who joined the company in 1991 and served as a senior executive vice president since 2018 after leading Shimano’s Fishing Tackle division, as its new president.

Former president Yozo Shimano will carry out the role of Shimano’s chairman and CEO. Taizo Shimano is the son of Keizo Shimano, who was the company’s top technician.

Additionally, Keiji Kakutani will assume the office as a senior advisor, while his Deputy President position will be transferred to Takashi Toyoshima, who has experience of holding senior positions in Shimano’s Bicycle Components Division before acting as Senior Executive Vice President.

These organizational changes are aimed at enhancing the growth of the company and strengthening its management base.

Taizo Shimano said: “On March 21, 2021, Shimano celebrated the centennial anniversary of its founding. On this occasion, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to you for your generous support of Shimano over the past century. I also hope to inform you that on this important milestone for our company, I assumed the office of president.

“Looking into the coming century, I believe that it is an urgent task for Shimano to radically innovate its manufacturing systems and improve its business efficiency by thoroughly adopting digital technologies so as to establish a corporate structure capable of meeting changing customer demands.”

Taizo Shimano added: “At the same time, we must strive to create a sustainable society, adhering to the following tagline: Closer to Nature, Closer to People. Since our products are used for activities performed in natural settings, we are especially aware of our responsibility for protecting the natural environment. Concurrently, we must also fulfill our responsibility as a global corporate citizen and contribute to local communities.”

Photo courtesy Shimano