Courts, diamonds and fields. Those are the three most popular destinations for Americans of all ages with an interest in playing organized sports. According to SGMA International's recent analysis of the Superstudy® of Sports Participation (conducted by American Sports Data), millions of Americans are participating in some type of formal, officially sanctioned sport – and it's usually a team sport. Basketball, the most popular participatory team sport in the U.S., is the leading activity in this particular category. (This information is derived from the SGMA Superstudy of Sports Participation Volumes I, II and III [2004 edition].)

Most Popular Organized Sports in the U.S.
Based on Participation
(Age 6 and older)

Sport Organized Participants
in 2003
1. Basketball 8,798,000
2. Outdoor Soccer 6,755,000
3. Slow-Pitch Softball 5,549,000
4. Baseball 5,343,000
5. Court Volleyball 3,773,000
6. Tackle Football 2,824,000
7. Touch Football 1,792,000
8. Indoor Soccer 1,784,000
9. Fast-Pitch Softball 1,715,000
10. Sand/Beach Volleyball
11. Grass Volleyball 408,000