By Jahla Seppanen
Photos courtesy David Clucas

Skratch Labs
Feed Zone Table Cookbook | $25
As consumers put more emphasis on understanding nutrition, more are making their own grab-and-go meals, even as a social event with running, cycling and hiking groups. Our nutrition product pick that keeps on giving is Skratch Labs’ third Cookbook, Feed Zone Table, with more than 100 new recipes for endurance athletes or anyone that wants to eat simple, nutrient-high meals that are tailored to their taste. Dr. Allen Lim and Chef Biju Thomas collaborated on this edition of family-style dinners – drinks, apps and desserts included. Perk: Consumers can literally eat like the pros. Chef Biju has cooked for some of the leading cyclists around the world, including Levi Leipheimer, Tom Danielson and Christian Vande.



GoMacro Bar, Cashew Caramel | $3 per bar
Catching the attention of real-ingredient consumers with their many certifications (and cool label designs), GoMacro’s MacroBar line is the epitome of nutrition buzzwords from USDA Organic, Certified Gluten-Free, Certified Vegan and Non-GMO. Our fave flave is Cashew Caramel, a protein refuel made from sprouted brown rice and peas, but still naturally sweet. Also super rich in calcium, magnesium,
potassium, iron and zinc. Perk: We can pronounce every ingredient on the label.


Quest Nutrition
Cookies & Cream Protein Powder | $2.50 per packet
Quest amassed a social media fanbase who loves its wild flavors (cinnamon roll, strawberry cheesecake and pumpkin pie for the holidays) with super low sugar (1 to 2 grams) and calories (160 per bar). Most other high-protein bars are packed with sugar and come in at 400-plus calories. Its new Protein Powder has only 1 gram, plus cookie chunks (win-win). SGB likes how Quest develops products based on metabolic research, forgoes the juiced-up models on its packaging and makes refueling after a serious weight session feel more like an indulgence than a chalky chore. Perk: Quest likes to engage consumers. Have a wacky flavor in mind? Ask and you may receive.


Gu Energy Labs
Cucumber Mint Energy Gel | $1.50 per packet
A bit more savory than sweet, many athletes are turning to more mild flavor pallets to refresh their taste buds. Gu’s Cucumber Mint Gel is a convenient, quick-hit of 20mg of caffeine, 125mg sodium and 450mg amino acids. Using carbohydrates, maltodextrin and fructose, the gel is easy on the GI track and was even created to reduce mental distress, along with physical. SGB is all about that mind/body connection. Perk: New consumers can trust the effectiveness of the Energy Gel recipe since it was the first product GU brought to market in 1993.


KivaSun Foods
Bison Jerkey, Hatch Chile | $9 per bag
Paleos gather round. KivaSun’s all natural Bison Jerky is redefining protein, replacing beef with the less-calorie, less-fat, more-protein rich bison meat (also more environmentally friendly due to grazing patterns). Founded by four-time PGA Tour winner and native Navajo Notah Begay III, KivaSun is all about honoring roots and doing things au natural. Still somewhat small, SGB anticipates this jerky company will take off. Perk: Adding the spice of green chile can jumpstart your metabolism and fight inflammation.