“We launched Summit Series in the Fall of 2000 as a collection of styles that represent the pinnacle of The North Face products,” said Joe Vernachio, global VP of product, in an interview with SGB. “With new technologies and innovations developed by The North Face in the last few years we saw an opportunity to make products in a new way and thought the Summit Series collection was the logical collection to put the most innovative product.”

SGB brings outdoor adventurers and cutting-edge activewear enthusiasts a sneak peak of the full line. Get the full break-down of the release and product fabrics and other specs from SGB.

Women's L1 Top

Women’s L1 Top

Women's L1 Pant

Women’s L1 Pant

Men's L2 Jacket

Men’s L2 Jacket

Women's L2 Jacket

Women’s L2 Jacket

Men's L3 Jacket

Men’s L3 Jacket

Women's L3 Jacket

Women’s L3 Jacket

Men's L4 Jacket

Men’s L4 Jacket

Women's L4 Jacket

Women’s L4 Jacket

Men's L5 Shell Top

Men’s L5 Shell Top

Men's L5 Shell Pant

Men’s L5 Shell Pant







Women's L5 Shell

Women’s L5 Shell

Women's L5 Shell Pant

Women’s L5 Shell Pant

Summit L6 Jacket

Summit L6 Jacket

Women's L6 Jacket

Women’s L6 Jacket

To test the entire Summit Series, Conrad Anker, Hilaree O’Neill, David Gottler and Renan Ozturk journeyed to Langtang National Park in Nepal in February 2015. One of the results of this expedition was the groundbreaking motion picture, Meru.

Conrad Anker

Conrad Anker



“The Summit Series is pure and simple, elegant and refined, durable and rugged,” Anker told SGB. “If you want to experience the harshest climates, this is the kit for you.”